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Thank you, I feel more empowered to speak to medical professionals about my son's needs.

Training Course Delegate, 2018

Roz [Smithson] was so helpful and really helped me to understand my condition. I’m still learning about what Dyspraxia means for me but I’ve found the coaching sessions to be very helpful because Roz was patient with me and helped me to find answers and solutions to my problems.

The sessions gave me various options and pathways to explore and find my confidence within the workplace. I could express my frustrations about the workplace but the sessions also helped me think of who I could go and ask and who else could help me.

Because of the coaching I’m happier and calmer within the workplace and don’t feel half as anxious as I used to. Thank you for all the help and support over the last year or so.

Performance Coaching client following a Workplace Assessment, 2018

My assessment was very good at making me realise that you can achieve what you want and all you need to do is simplify everyday tasks.

B.S, 2018

After realising that many of my physical and mental challenges could be attributed to Dyspraxia, I contacted Dyspraxia UK for an assessment. I was extremely pleased with the service provided. The assessment itself was well structured  and the assessor was very friendly.

When reading the final report, I was taken back at just how much the assessor was observing my behaviour during the assessment. Consequently, the report details the most difficult aspects of my life along with tailored recommendations. 

Knowing that my biggest limitations are attributed to something other than lack of effort is life changing. Additionally, knowing that my achievements to date have been done in difficult circumstances has enhanced my self-esteem considerably.


Thank you Dyspraxia UK for changing my life.

James, 2017


My son was assessed nearly three years ago and I wanted to update you on his progress, which he may not have achieved without your in-depth report and support. He passed 12 GCSE A to C grades and A Levels with B and C grades. He is now off to University to study for a degree in International Relations and Politics and has been awarded a disability grant to continue with his studies. I am so proud of him as he remained a determined young man. Thank you.
Julie, 2017


The children gained a lot of confidence from understanding about how dyspraxia affected them and the recommendations were really practical and well thought through. It was an excellent service. 

Emma (Parent), 2017


l have been living with signs of Dyspraxia for a long time. I tried to get an assessment via the NHS but failed due to lack of funding, so I found Dyspraxia UK and the rest is history. I travelled to London and was met by Rosaline. Nothing was too much trouble from the time she met me to the time we left for the station. I had my assessment in a lovely room and had plenty of breaks. The only regret for me is not having the assessment sooner but now I have, it is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done; so many things fit now and it will make my life so much easier. 

Thank you to all at Dyspraxia UK.

Stella, 2016


We received an accurate diagnosis after 25 years of pursuit! There is much to be done with my son, so now we can be confident of moving forward in the right direction.

J.S. (Parent) 2015


The Occupational Therapist was very warm and calm. My daughter clearly liked her and this helped her to 'be herself'. 

Helen, 2017


The report was very clear. It specified support that the school should put in place. The different assessments defined each part of my son's difficulties. The experience was greater than I expected.

C.O. (Parent) 2015


So many things are suddenly clear; our only regret is that his dyspraxia was not picked up earlier. The helpful strategies and resource suggestions in the report are really helpful. We can move forward with renewed confidence.

W.P. (Parent) 2013


I must admit I was rather shocked by the severity of my diagnosis but it all makes so much sense now looking back over my life. I have always bumbled my way through life rather chaotically, feeling extremely frustrated at times. My clumsiness and short-term memory have been a standing joke in my family for years and it’s good to know there is a logical explanation. Since diagnosis, I am feeling more positive about everything and to know there are things I can do to help myself and make life easier. Many thanks.

S. B. (University Student)


The school received your report very favourably, and were impressed with the assessment that had been carried out.  They have taken on board all your recommendations which is excellent news and are implementing them all. It's such a relief for me knowing this has allowed her to get extra support at school, which is such a positive thing.

Carolyn 2014


The performance coaching sessions have been really useful. I feel I have more ways to cope now so thank you for your support and encouragement.

Performance Coaching client, 2016


A thank you really falls short of how I feel about the report and the effect meeting with you has had on Lara.  Firstly, the report is exactly what Lara needs to give to the University; hopefully they will embrace it and the recommendations. Secondly I have sensed a sea change in Lara. From the young adult who only weeks before seeing you had said "Maybe I haven't got Dyspraxia, maybe I'm just thick" Seems to have 'owned' that she has Dyspraxia and has been more confident to say what she needs and what is good or not good for her. I suppose what I’m trying to explain is that she seems empowered. I give you my heartfelt thanks from a mum who adores her girl and has seen at close quarters how difficult things have been for her at times. My main motivation for Lara has always been to try and foster her self-esteem and I think her meeting with you and the assessment will go a long way in helping this. 

Sarah 2013


Many thanks for all your efforts and for making this process as painless as possible.  We have been so impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism and I have really enjoyed our Skype time (being able to stay in the comfort of my own home and do the testing in a familiar setting helped me a lot). I also appreciate that you took the time to understand the requirements down to the letter and are confident that the report meets my needs.

Neshwa 2014


I have started using an app on my phone as a reminder to take medication and it is proving useful, also I have asked for help with typing at work, which has been agreed. Thank you for all your help and advice.

S.U. 2013


You did a Dyspraxia screening on me several years ago, whilst I was studying at University. Many years later I am now a PE teacher, in the process of getting Access to Work support for the administrative side of the job, using the report you wrote has helped me through out this process.

Anything to raise awareness and understanding of Dyspraxia is a good thing for educators, students and families.

J.A 2012


The service since referral has been great, Rosaline was in constant contact and was friendly throughout, she made the assessment relaxed and friendly, and has been there to answer questions I have had, responding quickly.

Bryan 2014



Thank you for completing the assessment and providing such a detailed report. We feel a sense of relief to have some clarity and to be able to understand what the difficulties are. We are still a long way from resolving the current problems and issues but the support you provided in the report is excellent. The details about work issues are great to be able to pass on to employers and the suggestions made to assist in daily life are just what we needed.

Thank you for your time, dedication, professionalism and your warm and welcoming manner. A meeting that could have been stressful and traumatic was relaxing and enjoyable.

C & M, 2016


Thank you for your kindness and support. As a result of the assessment I have been able to source some additional disability counselling locally that Access to Work will cover.

Vicky 2014


It's SO interesting! The suggestions are great and I love the idea of multi sensory organisation, it might actually make organisation fun?!

Helen 2014


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the company for the training you delivered to us. I appreciate the practical side to your training, as it's easy to forget the impact someone's disability has on them. I’m happy to endorse your training course, and, as a trainer, it was a privilege to be on the other side for a change.

Mary (H.R. Officer) 2014