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Is the world too bright? Too loud? Too fast? Too tight?


Having assessed adults for Dyspraxia for several years now, we have seen many people who have had a diagnosis, maybe as a child, but without having their sensory processing assessed. Motor co-ordination disorders tend to appear less obvious with age and practice (we find ways around tricky tasks), the stress caused by a highly sensitive sensory system persists. It helps to understand your own ‘Sensory Profile’ to avoid ‘overload’, out bursts or a panic attack.


We are now offering an Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile service on its own (without formal diagnosis of Dyspraxia) for £285. This includes analysis of your completed questionnaire, a 1-hour face-to-face consultation to discuss helpful strategies, and a written summary report for you to refer back to.


This will open up your understanding of your sensory processing issues.  We will give you strategies and advice to help you manage them better, enabling you to participate in everyday tasks in a more satisfied way.


To arrange a Sensory Profile analysis, please go to the Bookings information page to make an online booking.


If you have any questions about this service, please contact us by email at enquiries@dyspraxiauk.com or by telephone on 01223 967897.

Sensory profiling

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The sensory profile assessment gave me a clearer understanding of why I experience things the way I do, and which strategies would be most effective. It was therefore both reassuring and revealing and I've felt a lot more confident since.

Adam, 2017