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Dyspraxia UK follows guidance from the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT).

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Dyspraxia UK offers expert advice, assessments and strategies to children, young people and adults with dyspraxia throughout the UK.


In the beginning...


Frances Beaumont started working in the field of dyspraxia and neuro-diversity as well as training others in 2005. She founded Dyspraxia UK in 2010 to meet the need for the specialist assessment and diagnosis of adults with dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, DCD), as the NHS has broadly ceased to offer such a comprehensive service. Frances saw the frustrations that people were having trying to access specialist assessment and supportive strategies.


Dyspraxia UK has also trained teachers and Occupational Therapists to be more aware of the real problems faced by older children and adults with dyspraxia. It has worked with Universities, employers and job centres throughout the UK. We now have a network of specialist Consultants, with advanced training in working with clients of all ages with Dyspraxia and other neuro-diverse conditions to help them reach their potential.


In August 2013 Rosaline Van de Weyer took on the management of Dyspraxia UK, also working as a specialist assessor and trainer. Rosaline has worked as an Occupational Therapist for 20 years, developing specialisms in neurological practice, community working and service development. She continues to develop the first class service that Frances established.

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