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face-to-face assessments. If you have a question about our occupational therapy

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The handwriting assessment is carried out by our Occupational Therapists in Cambridge, London, Reading, Basingstoke, Chichester and Birmingham. The therapists covering these areas are qualified handwriting assessors and tutors with the National Handwriting Association, therefore have access to excellent resources.


Initial Assessment

The assessment initially looks at: physical components such as seated posture, core and sholder stability, pen grip and pressure on the page. Once we have a sample of writing completed in the session we look at it together to see which parts you are happy with and which areas you want to change. This anaylsis incorporates: letter formation, spacing, sitting on the line, letter size, joining, slant and lastly writing speed.


Handwriting Courses

Depending on the needs of the person, we may offer a course of handwriting sessions. These are in either 6, 8 or 10 week blocks. After this time, the person needs a period of consolidation to continue with the strategies themselves to progress. Occasionally a second short course or review session is offered depending on the need. The handwriting course is a separate cost to the initial assessment. 


If you would like to discuss how the handwriting assessment could help you or your child, do get in touch.

Handwriting assessment

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