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Dyspraxia UK follows guidance from the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT).

If you have a question, please email us at enquiries@dyspraxiauk.com. Thank you.

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Dyspraxia UK has taken guidance from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) in relation to re-opening services in light of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Where possible, virtual assessment and follow up will be offered. However, a face-to-face assessment is preferable given the need for use of standardised testing kits, which are thoroughly cleaned between each use.

As of 6th June 2020, government guidance has required all hospital staff to wear face masks in clinical areas within 2 metres of a patient, this applies to everyone working in all areas of a hospital. Although Dyspraxia UK is not a hospital-based service, we are erring on the side of caution and will follow this guidance until further notice.


If you would like to book an assessment, please complete the online booking form.

If you have questions before you book, please contact us by telephone on 01223 967897 or by email at enquiries@dyspraxiauk.com to discuss your needs.




How much does it cost?

  • Child Dyspraxia assessment: £865 (or £965 within London)*
  • Adult Dyspraxia assessment (16+): £865 (or £965 within London)*
  • Sensory Profile analysis: £285
  • Work-place and individual assessment: please contact us for a quote
  • Performance Coaching: Hourly rate of £85 - please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Group bookings for educational institutions, please contact us for a quote
  • Medico-legal, Tribunals, Court attendance, please enquire.
*Please enquire to see if your location falls into the London bracket.

For individual assessments, we usually request you to travel to the nearest, appropriate Occupational Therapist. However, we can travel to you upon request. Please enquire for a quote for travel costs.


You can book online and pay by credit/debit card, or we can accept payment by bank transfer or cheque.


We endeavour to provide you with a comprehensive, helpful service. Our assessment fees are inclusive. There are no hidden costs associated with assessment, written report, GP letter (if required) and a follow up phone call to see how you are getting on with our recommendations.


For Dyspraxia assessments, some questionnaires will be sent to you together with details of your assessing Occupational Therapist. 


For Sensory Profile analysis, you will receive a questionnaire and details of your assessing Occupational Therapist.


If you require a report to be used in a Tribunal, please do inform us.


Can I get help with funding for the assessment and report?


From your GP

GPs should/will refer children to the local Paediatric (children’s) service or Child Development Clinic. This service stops providing help at different ages across the country. In the Outer Hebrides it supports children up to the age of 19, but in many other areas of the UK the service is closed to children with dyspraxia over the age of 11, due to budget constraints.


It is worth checking the ‘cut off age’ for children with dyspraxia locally to you.


Adults may be funded by the GP through finance from the CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups). In this case they will need to communicate with Dyspraxia UK directly to set this up.



Some will fund or contribute to funding an Assessment. Enquire at the Student Support Offices.



Local educational charities or churches have funded some of our clients. You will have to research this for yourself. Libraries can be helpful.



The majority of our clients save up and fund themselves, and see the assessment as a valuable investment in their future.

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Dyspraxia UK

It was really good to talk to someone who could describe and explain what I have experienced my whole life and not been able to understand or explain to others. Having the assessment has definitely changed my life.

Adult Assessment Client, 2019